Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents are super heavy duty, long lived, Top of the Line Frame Tents, at an affordable price for Parties, Weddings, Churches, Concession Stand, Auto Sales, Revivals, Special Events, Emergency Shelter, etc.! Worldwide Tents offers the very best deals on beautiful top quality frame tents!

Our frame tents are excellent for use where more stability is required. The frame tent can be erected fairly quickly, and are great for Churches, warehouses, Gospel Tent Revivals, Special Events, Weddings, Parties, Auto Sales,  or anywhere open space with no standing center poles are desired.

The heavy duty anodized finish aluminum tube frame holds up the First Quality American Made vinyl tent top and all the space underneath is completely clear with no obstructions!


Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents High Peak Frame Tent By Worldwide Tents

We Offer The Best Deals Anywhere On Quality Heavy Duty Commercial

Grade Frame Tents! We Ship Frame Tents All Over The World!

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We Have  Frame Tents In Many Sizes!

Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents offers these great frame tents in 10′ to 40′ widths, and in any length! Our best frame tent design has push button fittings and adjustable legs with a super heavy duty 18 oz. top! It just does not get any better! These great tents are seen frequently at great events such as PGA golf matches, Red Carpet events such as the The Academy Awards, Concerts, Parties, Etc.

Our engineered tents can be setup almost anywhere! It should be noted that though these great tents are free standing and the heavy duty vinyl top is totally supported by the tent frame they must be anchored securely at each leg. The anchoring can be accomplished with a stake at each leg with a ratchet strap, or the ratchet strap connected to water barrels (or other heavy weights) at each leg! The use of water barrels or other heavy weights to anchor Frame Tents is not possible with Pole Tents!

Our beautiful tents are available in different styles and many colors! The most popular  style is the traditional or classic (West Coast Style) which has no center poles and the vinyl top is totally supported by the heavy duty aluminum tube and fitting frame! The appearance is more conservative with straight lines across the top from end to end. The next very popular style is the Hi-Peak Frame Tent which also has no center poles inside but has elegant high peaks pointing toward the sky!

We also offer graphic printing! All of our Tents are superior quality (top of the line) and built to last for many years!

Give us a call or fill out the contact form and let us know exactly what you are looking for! You can email us at . Tents By Worldwide Tents…the best in high quality Frame Tents!! Check out our amazing Patriotic American Flag High Peak Frame Tent!

This article contains a great video on frame tents!

Worldwide Tents Offers The Very Best Deals You Will Find Anywhere

On Quality Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Frame Tents!

We Have Shipped Tents All Over The World!

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