60X90 Nice Used Event Pole Tents For Sale

Our 60X90 used event pole tents are the best that money can buy! We used only the strongest high quality materials in our pole tents! Seriously our event pole tents are the strongest tent you will find! We have shipped these tents all over the world. Some of our tents have been up on the equator twenty four seven for years and still in good shape!! If you need a tent for tent revivals, auto sales, fireworks, Christmas trees, parties, weddings, or whatever event you need a tent for we have it!! The 60X90 event pole tents are a very popular tent because of it’s large seating capacity, and it’s easy to set up, take down, store, and transport. The 60X90 will seat about 540 people in normal distancing conditions! Of course at this time of the Pandemic it will be up to the event coordinator how much distancing there should be between occupants inside the tent. A crowd of 200 would work well at this time under this tent! The event pole tents come as a complete package including sidewalls. The sidewalls can be completely left off or sidewall panels can be hung up as needed. With the sidewall panels completely off the tent people can set up their lawn chairs outside the tent and feel as comfortable as possible! This is just one of the wonderful things about an event pole tent! It is so versatile!! The tents are also quite attractive and inviting!! Everybody loves to go to a tent event! So if you are looking for a great event pole tent please contact us! Do it quick as the demand is very strong right now because of the pandemic and our inventory is quickly being depleted!! We hope to hear from you soon and we will do our best to meet your needs in event pole tents! Please fill out the contact form or email us at Worldwidetents@aol.com

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