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There is a big difference between Frame Tents, and Pole Tents! Worldwide Tents sells the best Frame Tents, and Pole Tents! The main difference between a Frame Tent, and a Pole Tent is that the Frame Tent has no standing poles inside as the aluminum frame is supporting the tent top. That means inside the tent it is completely open with no obstructions! The Pole Tent however has poles standing in the middle inside called “center poles” that hold the tent structure up. The poles standing inside the pole tent are indeed an obstruction, but are also useful as a place to hang lights, decorations, media, etc.! The pole tent is definitely cheaper in price, and a little bit easier to setup, take down, transport, and store. The Frame Tent frame has many pieces to the frame, and is put together on the ground, and then the tent cover (top) is placed on top of it, buckled down to the frame’s perimeter, and then it is raised up normally with frame tent jacks, and the legs are put on the tent frame. If you have enough manpower the frame can be lifted without jacks. Once the frame tent is up it is really a beautiful tent structure! The pole tent is setup by rolling the vinyl tent bundle out on the ground, stretching it out smooth, attaching the ropes, driving the stakes into the ground, tying the ropes onto the stakes, and then pushing up the poles around the perimeter, and then the big center poles in the middle. The more manpower you have the better! Once the pole tent is in the air the tent top needs to be stretched by tightening the ropes from one end to the other and side to side. To get it just right, and tight, might take some time. When the frame tent is in the air you don’t have to worry about stretching the tent top, but care should be taken to make sure the stakes, and ratchet straps are secure, and tight. Frame Tents, and Pole Tents must be anchored properly, and securely! Sometimes people think a frame tent does not need ropes, or straps, because the frame is holding everything up, but if a big wind comes along that frame tent will blow over and be destroyed without secure anchoring! Anchoring is of utmost importance in setting up a frame tent, or pole tent! It is always very important to check the stakes, and ropes daily making sure everything is secure and tight. Frame tents are most popular for parties, weddings, elegant events, auto sales, furniture sales, golf courses, etc. Pole tents are preferred for churches, revivals, missions, fireworks sales, etc. Of course either tent can be used perfectly in any of these events, or settings! Worldwide Tents offers the very best quality you will find in either Frame Tents, or Pole Tents! Our frame tents frame is a heavy gauge anodized finish aluminum, with push button fittings, and adjustable legs!! Our frame tents are absolutely top of the line, super heavy duty, commercial grade!! Worldwide Tents frame tents come with an industry leading standard 18 oz. lacquer coated, block-out vinyl top!! Absolutely the best in the world!! Our pole tents are also top of the line, super heavy duty, and beautiful! We have pole tents being used all over the world by churches, ministries, revivals, missions, etc. You will not find a more durable pole tent than what we offer at Worldwide Tents! We do not rent tents. Our Frame Tents are for sale as well as our pole tents! If you’re in the market for top of the line, American Made Frame Tents For Sale contact us!


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