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Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents offers the very best Frame Tents you will find! Our Frame Tents are top of the line at an affordable price! At Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents we use only the finest top quality materials in the construction of our frame tents, and they are super heavy duty, commercial grade, the best in the industry! If you need a frame tent for your Party, Wedding, Special Event, you have come to the right place! It should be noted that we do not rent tents. Our tents are for sale. If you are planning to have multiple events it is best to own a tent instead of renting. Our tents are long lived and built to give you years of dependable service. Our tent frames are made out of heavy gauge aluminum with an anodized finish! Our vinyl tops are top quality and second to none! All seams are heat welded for superior strength and water tightness! For pricing and more details Contact us at 407-579-7187 or you can e-mail us at

Our Frame Tents are “commercial grade”, super heavy duty! Worldwide Tents offers only the very best quality, and American Made!! Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents are made out of the very best materials possible! Our frame tent top is a tent industry leading 18 oz. lacquer coated vinyl! Our frame tent frame is made out of heavy gauge, anodized finish aluminum, with push button fittings, and adjustable legs!! You will not find a better frame tent at any price!!

Frame Tents By Worldwide Tents are used in events all over the world! Frame tents are the preferred tents for Parties, Weddings, Churches, Auto Sales, Concerts, etc. Most people prefer the frame tent because there are no standing poles underneath the tent. It’s all free space!!

When you are ready to purchase a frame tent look no further than Worldwide Tents!! Please call us at 407-579-7187, or fill out the contact form, and we will respond in a timely manner!!


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