High Peak XP Event Frame Tents – Commercial Grade Frame Tents

Worldwide Tents offers the best High Peak XP Event Frame Tents! Our High Peak Frame Tents are commercial grade, top of the line, and come with an industry-leading 18 oz., lacquer-coated vinyl top! Our High Peak XP Event Frame Tents also feature a heavy gauge, anodized finish aluminum frame with push button fittings! You will not find a better frame tent than our High Peak XP Event Tents! If you are in the market for a top quality High Peak Frame Tent look no further! Our High Peak XP Event Frame Tents come in 4 sizes. 10 ft. X 10 ft., 10 ft. X 20 ft., 15 ft. X 15 ft., 20 ft. X 20 ft., and 20 ft. X 30 ft.

High Peak XP Event Frame Tents Features:

  1. A slightly higher than average industry standard pitch, with a double valance for ease of hanging sidewalls, or gutters!
  2. 18 oz. laminated block-out vinyl in white, and available in colors!
  3. Center mast has up to 7-inch adjustability and a brass wheel in the base for ease of erecting!
  4. Galvanized steel welded fittings.
  5. An upright base with up to 6-inch adjustability and a 1 and 1/8-inch hole for an additional anchoring option to be used in conjunction with standard anchoring and guying requirements.
  6. 1/4 inch white vinyl coated cables.
  7. Top tensioning system using 1-inch ratchets with vinyl covers.

The amazing High Peak XP Event Frame Tent can be used in many events including parties, weddings, auto sales, church services, concerts, sales, etc.!! The sky is the limit!! If you are interested in purchasing this great Commercial Grade Frame Tent give us a call at 407-579-7187, or email us at WorldwideTents@aol.com

These great frame tents are normally in stock and ready to ship!! Call us today!!!


High Peak XP Event Frame Tents
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