Pole Tents

Pole Tents By Worldwide Tents has absolutely the very best deal on quality  tents that you can find! Pole tents are the most common tent design with center poles standing in the middle of the tent. Larger pole tents also have quarter poles, and even half poles for extra support.

Whether it be a Gospel Revival Tent, Church Sanctuary, a circus tent, wedding tent, party tent, special event tent, Worldwide Tents has customers all over the world who are happy with our great Tents!

We can custom design these pole tents for specific applications, and in any size or color! We have provided pole tents for some of the largest ministries in the world! Our seams and reinforcing are heat welded, which eliminates the maintenance of a “sewn seam”, and offers a lifetime of durability. Our tents are constructed out of top of the line American Made vinyl! Our riveted alloy pole pin insertion plate system provides optimum strength and versatility! You just can’t go wrong with a Worldwide Tents Pole Tent!

We Offer The Best Deals Anywhere On Quality Heavy Duty Commercial

Grade Pole Tents! We Ship Pole Tents All Over The World!

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The picture in the Pole Tents gallery below of the blue and white striped 40X60  Tent illustrates our great telescoping center poles with winches! These poles make setting up a push pole type tent much easier as you only have to push up the shorter pole and then crank up the pole to it’s desired length.

Also the tent pole is easier to store as it collapses down to almost half the length thus needing a shorter space to store it and transport it!

Contact us for details about these great telescoping center poles and other pole tent options and accessories we have available. Once again if you need a top quality, long lived, beautiful Party Tent, Wedding Tent, Event Tent, Church Tent, Missionary Tent, Revival Tent, then you have come to the right place!

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Worldwide Tents Offers The Very Best Deals You Will Find Anywhere 

On Quality Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Pole Tents!

We Have Shipped Pole Tents All Over The World!

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