Revival Tents By Worldwide Tents At Crow Indian Reservation!

Revival tents by Worldwide TentsRevival Tents By Worldwide Tents is happy to report that the 40X60 tan and green revival tent that was sold to Pastor Buddy Rogers at Crow Agency, Montana years ago is in beautiful condition after much use. This gospel revival tent is presently up at Crow Agency where there are revival meeting services morning and night! How wonderful it is to see people coming to the tent each service and sitting in the comfort of it’s shelter listening to the gospel preached! David Bryant owner of Worldwide Tents is at the tent revival camp meeting as a guest speaker and singer. David has closely inspected the tent and is delighted to report the great condition it is in after years of use and even being loaned out to other churches and ministries for their revival meetings! This great Revival Tent/Pole Tent has been through many powerful thunderstorms, with high winds, and there is not a rip anywhere and not even a sign of a rip or tear in the material anywhere! The super high quality of the materials and workmanship in our revival tents is simply as good as it gets! You will not find a more durable long lived revival tent than what we offer at Revival Tents by Worldwide Tents! We are overjoyed to know that our great revival tents are being used across America and around the world in missions, churches, tent revivals, etc.! If you need a super durable, top of the line Pole Tent for your work for the Lord please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our great revival tents! You can give us a call at 407-579-7187 or go to the contact page of this website and send an email from there. God Bless Pastor Buddy Rogers as he continues to utilize this beautiful revival tent for the glory of God!

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